Friday, 11 May 2018

The End of Freshman Year

While finishing up my final essay on Terrorism, I chanced across the list of commencement addresses by my professor who used to serve as the president of Amherst College. One webpage led to another and soon I was distracted from penning the intricacies of Rakat and Hawla.

In all honesty, I did not expect myself to plunge into NYU Stern head on and start my grinding just for a shot past the venerable barriers of IB. I had no clue getting into IB entailed several unknown sacrifices; the numerous instances of the lack of interest to engage in a conversation with me during networking sessions were indeed disappointing. It was probably due to my questions which were odd and specific, but at the same time, I hated asking about the firm's culture when I knew nobody would give a specific answer. The nonchalant replies touched a raw nerve of mine and I viewed IB as an incarnation of the worst of mankind. Yet, I had to face the reality that I had little to offer to them. It was a buyer's market and I had to sell myself among the sea of applicants. Is it really worth it? Well, I guess I will find out more after this summer's internship.

I guess it is partly the reason for me to minor in history, to shield myself from the hullabaloo over internships and recruitment. Seeking refuge in history, I, at the very least, could connect with the old me in secondary school when being a student involved studying instead of networking.

And, I sort of discovered a secluded time slot to be academic in my freshman seminar course. The tons of readings and scrutinizations over supreme court decisions ignited a spark within me - this was the college experience I yearned for. I thoroughly enjoyed the debate over habeas corpus and entrapment laws. I did not mind staying till late, attempting to spot loopholes in the Israeli supreme court judgement in vain. I also did not mind traversing the thick snowstorm to class just to have lunch with my professor. Even though it was a tough class, it was a fulfilling one!

Nonetheless, unlike a fairytale, the reality is not a bed of roses. Taking difficult but interesting classes this semester had cost me my 4.0. I guessed I just had to network more to make up for it. 

Anyway, I ought to finish my final essay and hopefully, I would find an answer before the start of my next semester.

Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year New(?) Me

It has been a year since I last wrote my blog. I am currently 10 months into my 2-year NS journey and it is beginning to take a toll on me. Never have I been exposed to such a bureaucratic system where everyone (including the regulars) is there to wait for payday. I can go on rambling about the broken system from my point of view but I shan't as this is my blog, not a SAF complain hotline. 

This year, I took the SAT and surprisingly, scored pretty decent(?). Of course, it could not be compared with the scores of my ex-classmates who were leagues ahead of me academically (think 2300s). It was comical that my expectations did not match reality when I took the SAT 2. The subject I studied the hardest did not achieve a perfect score. 

In the end, I applied and got into a dream school of mine through early decision. It was a tough decision to choose my ED school and I could not say whether I was pleased with the outcome. It seemed so surreal when I received the acceptance letter that, for a split second, I thought I might stand a chance for Harvard, but who's kidding, my hours of gaming paled in comparison with the achievement of any African kid who survived numerous wars and conquered destiny. LOL

Anyway, my NS career has been a failure from the start. I fractured my ankle the day before POP and being a dumb kid who stubbornly wanted to finish my recruit training,  I actually limped with a freaking fractured ankle all the way from East Coast to the floating platform at Marina Bay. What a moron I was at that time, carrying a fieldpack the weight of 3 babies and walking up-hill and down-slope. What did I get in the end? Not even a single pat on my back saying "man, you are the manliest recruit I have ever known". Worst of all, I was designated as a transport operator. It was akin to SAF saying,"Hey private, since you are dumb enough to risk your ankle to finish the POP march, you are dumb enough to be a driver. Also, let's put a combat unfit personal as your sergeant."

Nonetheless, it is time to cut short the rant. Nobody likes a whiny person, including the person himself. 

Moving on, I realize I did nothing special for 2015 except keeping my grades in check and applying to college. Maybe organizing New Year Countdown count but it was not special in my heart anymore because I had experience doing it. 

With regards to 2016, I just hope I can try out something different like I always do. Maybe I can start by interacting the security guards that I always walk past. Maybe I can take a walk in places where I have never been before. Or maybe, I can try a Bruce Jenner and skip NS with my new sexual identity, JK though. I bet Mindef will request an operation to put back my male organs and force me to serve.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Finally there is a NEW post! Life has been fine and maybe mundane since enlisting in National Service. Spring has long gone and Summer's heat is making life unbearable in this tiny red dot. I was about to write this year so far has been a rollercoaster ride, but I realised I wrote this for every year lol. I missed the chill days in 2011 and 2012 when I was freed from any responsibilities or homework.

Anyway, back to main point, National Service Basic Military Training was a walk in a park for me oddly. It seemed as though my floorball physical training before the start of A division was much more physically demanding than my training to be a soldier. What a joke pes B2 is and I am regretting why the heck I am in army. I went into BMT thinking it was an optimal period to beef up my physique and train my discipline, but towards the end, I thought the entire training was useless because there were not many avenues for me to experience the strict regimentation. To put it bluntly, most of us will not be able to stand a chance against any substantial enemy. Heck, some of us could not even use a gun.

Nonetheless, enough of the rant, I found NS to be a period for me to reflect on my past 18-year journey in Singapore. As the old adage goes, "When a door closes on you, another opens", I gained invaluable solitary time in exchange for sacrificing 2 years to defend the sovereignty of a 716.1 square kilometre piece of land. I shall not indulge in disseminating more information on the internet lest any of it breaks the military confidentiality rule.


Recently, I had an epiphany to remember my late P5&6 form teacher, Mr Dicky Quah. I could still vividly remember his sending all the rowdy boys out of the class because we were talking shit. LOL we exploited the chance to continue chatting about soccer and other crap like what we are to do after school or thinking of new nickname for other classmates. He is a superb teacher who really taught me a lot more than just the usual subjects dictated by MOE. Honestly, I could not forget him telling me I will remember him not for his efforts in producing a bunch of exemplary students but for his numerous lessons on social etiquette. All I can say is, Mr Quah is a psychic! I was so trained by him that nowadays, I always cover my mouth when I yawn even when there is nobody around me.

Furthermore, I cannot forget his treat to multiple $2 Chicken Cutlets haha. Every time a person scored full marks in any test, he would treat that particular fortunate child chicken cutlet. Needless to say, my friends and I enjoyed tons of chicken that we grew wings before Red Bull did.

Moreover, I cannot pardon myself for not mentioning his dedication to improving our class' academic progress. Mr Quah and 龙老师 were two of the most passionate teachers I have ever met. June and September Holidays remedial lessons for the entire class were accompanied by pizza hut treats which came out of their pockets. No matter how much Mr Quah said his pay was "peanuts", he would still fork out goodies to encourage us.

After writing about him, I think I did not do him enough justice as his life cannot be summarised into these few paragraphs. One thing that I regretted I did not do was to buy a plate of char kway teow to his funeral as he always told my friends and I that he wanted to be a char kway teow seller when he retired.

So, here's to him. A great man and a greater teacher! :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

~A little reflection~

Apologies for not posting any substantial post in a long while. Can't believe this blog has survived more than 7 years since its inception in my primary school days.

Back to the main topic. Today we had a tough match against a traditionally strong rival team. To be honest, I was not expecting us to garner much foothold against them since the previous matches against that team ended terribly. However, I must say lady luck was on our side today as we made an extraordinary comeback from losing 1-5 in the last period to 5-5 draw (equaliser scored in last 7 seconds!). Without a slightest doubt, my whole emotions for today had been a rollercoaster ride. Words could not describe how jubilant I was when I saw everyone gave their hearts out for one another, fervently supporting one another even when we were perceived by others to lose. I have never felt so bonded with my teammates before this match and today, I am finally proud to pronounce myself as a member of the floorball team.

Of course, behind all the celebrations and cheers when we won the opponents on penalty shootout (1-0), I spotted a lonely figure that everybody had sidelined due to a few mistakes that he had made. In retrospect, I am disappointed with myself for being insensitive to his feelings (by only cheering the goalkeeper that gave us the leap into finals) and not caring much for his (maybe) sorrows. Other can claim that even the exco members were not giving much attention to him, so why should I bother and be angry with myself? However, I must admit I have suffered failures countless times before and have thus reminded myself to be more caring towards those that make mistakes. While others have the right (I beg to differ this notation) to claim his own goal made the match a whole hell lot challenging for us, I believe he had truly performed to his best of his capability and all the more, we should show support for him to galvanise his remaining strength for the finals. Not that I am against all the cheers directed towards the other goalkeeper but I always feel an inexplicably amount of sympathy whenever I see such a scene happening before me. Or maybe because he reminded me of myself when others simply gave him the cold shoulder when he made a "grave" oversight. I personally hate that feeling utterly.

Furthermore, I was shocked by how the achievements of others can be washed away from memories so easily. Not going to say which group of people I was disappointed with but I truly believe the world should not be so pragmatic albeit that is impossible. While results matter, one should at least make the effort to console those that do not receive their dutiful results despite performing with all his/her heart and soul.

That is all for today. I just could not hold back my feelings about this matter and needed a space to jot it down to entrench this lesson in my memory for years to come. Haizzz I just wish the event does not leave a scar in his memory. Everyone shines in his/her own way, no one should be ignored.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Good quote

I found this fantastic quote worth noting down while reading a book
 It means that don't receive too much public attention through your actions or else you will be targeted by the public.
Psychologists say that it is caused by jealousy among people. The fact that you are constantly showing off your talents which they don't posses will arouse jealousy among the green-eye people. They will perform all sorts of actions just to pull you down or to destroy the possessions that they will never have.

the 2nd one was found when I was watching a chinese music talent variety show online.
I found the quote full of positivity and it really shows how people in dire situations manage to pull themselves up by changing perspective.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chemistry help

I am glad I can find a tutorial on the effects of ideal and normal gas law. Had a tough time trying to comprehend the meaning of the graph PV/RT vs Pressure. Yeah! It is so much better than listening in lectures because there are illustrations for me to understand the concepts. (I am bad at imagining things cos I always think of a different situation...)

Anyway, chemistry is not that fun without doing calculations. I find that solving chemistry problems is so much easier than answering with full long sentences. haha maybe I am fated to fail in English T_T.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


yea I have returned to blog!
Currently not in the mood to write anything constructive...
Anyway, I hope I can tide through this year and next year till after A levels. JC is taking a toil of me and I have so many goals to achieve in a short span of 2 years. Getting a silver or a gold (bleh) for Napfa is one of them. Haha I will update this blog again when I have consolidated my reflections about this term. Yeah!

Last of not least, I think I need to mature a bit more... I am being too happy and innocent in my honest opinion. Haizzz I hope my first PW work can survive my teacher's tough scrutiny. PW let's go!

Ps. I have found a movie quote that is very nice. It originated from a book called 非我倾城 by 顾漫 and was used again in a movie and I shall not say the name. Here it goes, “我一生中最幸运的两件事。一件,是时间终于将我对你的爱消耗殆尽。一件,是很久很久以前有一天,我遇见你

The meaning is so deep that people like me cannot understand it but I am pretty sure in a few decades (haha) to come, I will know the meaning of it. The quote is so nice but I can't share it on social media or else people will judge me...

Anyway, hope everybody stays happy like me :D

Friday, 29 March 2013

Bitcoins, the new currency?

I just happened to come across online articles describing the potential usage of bitcoins after the series of irrational govenment policies were passed in Cyprus to control the flow of money within its country to tide through the tough period.

Bitcoins were developed in 2009 and circulated around the computer savy people as a virtual currency for services online. It is similar to the then second life currency which burst its bubble in the early 2000s. Since the start of 2013, its exchange rate of 1 BTC (bitcoin) for 10USD has risen till 1BTC for 90USD. It is an astounding 9 times increase in value! On hindsight, I should have bought some last year when I first gained knowledge of it through online forum discussions. T_T But, I was ignorant of the workings of bitcoin and I could not blame anyone for my failure to explore more on virtual currency usage.

In fact, Bitcoin is considered a self-deflationary currency as it is designed to halt production once it reaches 21 million BTC. BTC is produced through a form of lottery (64 letters combination!) and at first it gave 50 BTC to the fortunate computer that struck upon it every 10 minutes. After 4 years, it will decrease by half to 25 BTC (the current mining rate) every 10 min to the lucky computer and so on and so fro. The projected end of production of BTC is thought to be 2140 (I would have been dead...) and by then, 21 million BTC will have been in circulation.

However, I firmly do not believe in Bitcoin as a possible takeover of real life currency as it has no backings or what-so-ever and the hype of a possible virtual currency started by media mongrels in response to the EU failing economy is a possible speculation tactic used by risk-taking firms or hedge funds to earn short-term cash.

Bitcoins are virtual and they are also kept in virtual wallets (you don't say haha). If a hacker hacks your account or you lose your data through a computer reformat, you will lose all your money without any insurance to back it. In the early days of BTC, people who used to use bitcoins would have most probably thrown away their wallets or lost them due to the infamous glitch that caused a massive inflation of BTC. In 2011, the value of BTC dropped drastically from 30USD to a few cents within minutes when a group of hackers reportedly took control of a major BTC account and disposed all of the coins into the market. Fears soon arised and people who thought the BTC bubble had burst started dumping BTC too. It was sort of a Big Depression for virtual currency.
Of course, people can say real life currency can also be destroyed through the forms of irresponsible disposable notes and coins. However, take note that the market of real life currency is too big to be affected by the hands of the minorities and BTC market is self-deflationary. The actions made in the past by people who had lost hundreds of thousands of BTC (back then 100,000 BTC was worth nothing. Now, it is valued at 9,000,000 USD) could have a great impact on the future circulation of BTC as there will be limited circulation. People will hoard large amounts of BTC in hope that it will further deflate to earn more from the rising exchange rate. This will cause the supply of BTC to be price inelastic as the proportion of supply of BTC in the market will increase less than the price. With the demand being price elastic, people will forcefully rise up the value of BTC until one day someone decides to cash out on his big fat BTC wallet causing supply to increase suddenly.

I will continue this next time...
Note: Bitcoins is like the dotcom bubble. With no regulation, it is bound to be in the hands of the rich who controls the market. The small fish will always be the one to suffer when the big fish get away with their profits.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Start of the year, JIP was supposed to be fun in my opinion but somehow the school had made it into another gap sem branch off. Some of the days after assembly and talk with deans, I had nothing to do but to stay in school to wait for my CCA to start. Of course, I went to gym to train for Napfa but it was only a mere 1 hour and  the JC campus had already been explored fully by my gang of friends when we were in year 3&4s. We found a few secret places to play cards but somehow time did not fly past and we were easily bored with cards within 1 hour. (Haha I shan't reveal the places until I graduate from this school :D)

The sight of seeing my pri sch classmates in JC brought back memories of the times in primary school and I still remembered Mr Quah. LOL He was the teacher that taught me to cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough or burp or yawn and also reminded me that all As doesn't mean I am perfect. People on the street do not judge me by the As because I can't possibly bring a huge stack of examination results along with me everywhere to show it to everybody. It is the character and the traits I display that will affect people's judgements and right now I fully agree with that. With the recent uproar of the disgraced MP for his involvement in unethical behaviour, I realised that people judge you for your moral actions and most of them do not even care about how much achievements you have obtained. If you can't even control your desire, who will dare to vote you to service us wholeheartedly even though you are a man of great achievements.

With that to say, I was disappointed with the recent election results at Punggoleast. It seemed as though a certain party liked to ride on people's complains to snatch that rightful spot away from the ruling party. I had recently finished Mr Lee Kuan Yew's book "From third world to first" and I could truly understand how difficult it was to govern a country to become a developed nation when it was constantly threatened by a certain neighbouring country. (Let's not continue this or else it will hijack my whole blogspot for today)

Anyway,in a few days' time, it will be orientation for the Year 5s and I am feeling a bit uneasy for my grouping. I will not mention why but I will continue to stay positive for the whole orientation! Also, I think the OGL that prank called me is very "CUTE". She had successfully wasted 9 min of my prepaid phone value.

HAHA, when JC starts, it will be very hectic as I have signed up for 2 ccas (one sporting cca and one club) along side with all the regular CIPs and the academic studies. It will prove to be challenge for me to juggle all these 3 balls together but if I successfully do it, I will be better prepared for any other challenges coming along my way.

Friday, 18 January 2013


HAHA I am back.
Anyway, I found out I have sooooooo many uncompleted blogspot done last month. Will start to complete them and maybe publish it before JC starts! Whoohoo

JC life is going to be hectic and I hope I won't lose myself in pursuing my goals. I had done too much slacking in the past few years and the RD talk was truly a wake up call for me that I am not as good as I thought. .___. GP is my weakest subject and the only way I know of improving my grades is to follow my GP teacher's footsteps closely even though some seniors claim some GP teachers are not that good. *__*

Nonetheless, I wish I can make more new friends, study hard, play hard and obtain a SILVER for Napfa before JC ends.

Another thing before I go, I STOP watching anime. Anime is so boring now after watching 100 episodes of Detective Conan. I won't even recommend anybody to start watching it because it is truly a waste of time.

This is such a short post and I do not intend it make long so I will end here. Anyway, all my emotions are captured in these few paragraphs, so not much writing is needed to convey my feelings.


This will be invisible unless you highlight the text. :D  Google I hate you
NVM, I will just remove any thing worth removing
Anyway, I know quite a bit about JC life because my seniors told me about it. There are so many windows of opportunities for everyone in JC and I feel I will manage (Hopefully >__<) my time well between cognitive education and other holistic development.

Enjoy JC life to the fullest without regrets!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

~A little more about China~

I must say I am not being productive in studying for O levels. -.-"

But, I have learnt more about China the past few days after browsing baidu (百度贴吧).

I am going to share with you what the things that I have learnt!

Ever heard of 宋家三姐妹? I bet you don't but do you know that the 3 sisters were crucial in the development of modern republic of china from the era of 孙中山 to 蒋介石? You may be wondering how  they are important.
Photo of 3 of them together

Let me show you their husbands:
Elder sister: 宋蔼龄----- married to 孔祥熙 Richest man and finance minister of China
2nd sister: 宋美玲------ married to 孙中山 Father of Modern China, 1st President of the republic of China
3rd sister: 宋庆龄---- -- (2nd wife due to death of 1st wife) married to 蒋介石 Leader of 国民党

They have 3 brothers which were relatively not as famous as them.
They are
Elder brother: 宋子文-----------Prominent businessman and politician
2nd brother: 宋子良------------ Former Chairman of Bank of Guangzhou
3rd brother: 宋子安------------ Assumed lots of position from GM of Bank of China to banking advisory to the Communist Government

They together were part of a group of elite families that govern China at that time. It was interesting to note that 宋庆龄 is the better known of the 3 sisters due to her high profile appearances such as the negotiation with USA.

People may say this is luck, but without the perseverance of the 3 sisters in helping their husbands, I doubt China will undergo the revolution so fast and transform in to the modern day China. As said by Napoleon, "When China wakes up, she will move the world", the power and influence of China cannot be undermined and we should embrace the fact that China is rising instead of trying all methods to curb her growth.

lastly (and secretly),
I chanced upon a baidu forum dedicated just to a girl who had gotten famous overnight due to a photograph that displayed her innocence and youth. She is nicknamed the milk tea girl.

Her name is 章泽天.

A brief introduction to who she is:
She is born in 1993. This photo shows her when she was 17 in 南京外国语学院 (nanjing foreign language school) which is the most prominent school in 南京. She was even asked by the famous movie director 张艺谋 to cast as 谋女郎 (aka main actress of 张艺谋‘s movie") Fortunately, she declined that offer or else I will feel sad for her years of education. :)

What struck me from the photo was that she is multi-talent, from being an emcee for the Olympic Committee Head (when he came to Nanjing to access the city for 2014 YOG) to being in the national's team for aerobics.
Ambassador for Nanjing 2014 YOG

Ambassador for Nanjing 2014 YOG

She is currently studying in 清华大学, the top university in China, and she DSA (direct school admission) there! That is a lot harder than taking the 高考 to enter 清华!

What I have learnt from her is that she lives her life to the fullest and when I compare my life to hers, mine pales in comparison. '__' So, the main point of writing all this, I am going to enter a lot of activities in JC to enrich my youth life and not live with any regrets. sometimes, it is only through comparison that I know I am actually not as good as I thought. There are a lot other better youths out there participating in many events.

It is really a wake up call for me that, there are many things out there for me to experience and I should not be wasting time!

~back to preparation for exam~

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

7 more days to HMT O levels!!!

Now there is only exactly 1 week left to study Chinese and I am going to focus more towards paper 2! Whoo~

Feel a little bit afraid of not being able to score A2 for Chinese as my recent prelims and the mock paper from RGS EOY 2012 were hovering just a little bit above the minimum 70% needed for A2.

Maybe I will do a simple SWOT analysis here.

Strengths :D :

  • Relatively strong Chinese foundation (after reading so many books~)
  • Memorised quite a significant amount of quotes and good phrases to be used in 报章报道.
  • Marks are consistent. (Always score just a little bit above 70%)
  • Some of the weak portions are showing signs of improving. (Eg. 公函->All time high of 16.5, 长文缩短-> All time high of 17)

Weakness T_T:

  • Lazy. (Up till now, I am still lazy.... Why Why Why after all these years of education?)
  • Mind may be fixated on a few paper 1 topics and cannot change quickly during exams if I happen to meet a strange topic
  • 报章报道 and 公函 some points may not answer the question, and thus no marks given. (Lost a fair bit while doing prelims when I scored only 41 for 报章报道 even though I studied very hard for it)

  • Left 6 more days, still can improve on my examination skills (1 day is left out due to family outing)
  • Large pool of resources to draw from
  • Have so many friends around to aid one another in the course of preparation for O's

  • Focus more on Paper 2 自由发挥题,长文缩短,综合填空 then on Paper 1 公函,报章报道
  • If 报章报道 really cannot make it, turn to 记叙文 and use my awesome Chinese skills to strive for A2
  • ~Never do 理论文~ ( I didn't even attempt a single 议论文 in any formative or graded test this year)
  • Most importantly for 报章报道, do not try to forcefully slot in the phrases or paragraphs that I have memorised. The markers rather a point that answers the question than fancy writing. (This is the reason why one of my friends scored 48 while writing only 4.5 pages '__')
  • For paper 2, MUST finish every question. Always search the comprehension to answer free-response questions.
  • For 综合填空, always look at 上下文, before choosing the correct 词语. Take note of all the 固定搭配 and the relatively of the words. Some are used as a stronger tone than others.

So, my plan is simple. Study until 7th November and I can take a break before entering JC. Can't wait to see the new classmates and friends that I will make there. Stupid Chung Chi doesn't want to tell me who are in my orientation group. 

Also, it is confirm that I will be taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics for JC next year as my Biology results T_T. On hindsight, I should have focused more on Bio....

Last piece of gossip.............. I rather not say it here. Hope the student and teacher will turn over a new leaf as time washes away the unsightly memories.

Update: yeah for my whole class for O levels higher chinese 80% distinction, top the level for most outstanding class! Anyway, jiayou everybody for JC A levels. 

Friday, 26 October 2012


I feel kind of ashamed of myself for starting to watch anime while preparing for O levels....

Anyway, I started watching anime just because I like a particular song very much. It is the ending song of Kannazuki No Miko titled "Agony" by Kotoko.

Upon hearing it for the first time, I instantly liked the song and went to check on the comments. From there, I went on to google "Kannazuki No Miko". I must state here, I am not into YURI anime. '__' I did not even know that it was a yuri anime when I was watching the first few episodes as it was revolving 2 girls and 1 boy. I thought it would be a typical 12-episode anime about triangular relationship or perhaps friendship jealousy.

That anime totally changed my perspective of animes. I once thought animes would be like Pokemon, Digimon, Doraemon, or even Onepiece, Naruto, Bleach. Either it is a childish cartoon or a full of violence anime.

I didn't know animes could portray the relationships between girls so well. The agony between the love and hatred for somebody while trying to protect her from further harm absorbed my eyes to the screen. I could say I was astonished by the work of the Japanese and somehow I did not want to the anime to stop.

Therefore, to prevent myself from falling into temporary depression as a result of the end of Kannazuki No Miko, I had to stop the anime at episode 6. I heard of a saying, "Sometimes, it is better to end it halfway when it is the most beautiful than finishing it".

Later on, I searched around the internet for yuri anime and I found "Strawberry Panic". It was a wonderful anime showing the perspectives of the girl being loved and the girl loving her. In fact, the anime was a triangular love where I really got to see the frustration and sadness of the girl not getting the other girl that she loved due to the latter one loving another one. It brought back memories of a debate that I had seen in China on whether you should go for the person that you love or the person that loves you. Of course, like in reality, there are bound to be people that are hurt in the course of pursuing their love. I was sad that even in the virtual world, there is no perfect ending. [Spoiler!]

This anime in my opinion should be NC16 and you need to have a mature mindset to watch it. Of course, there are no sexual scenes and the most is only kissing. Below are the 2 opening songs of Strawberry Panic.

Similar to the former anime, I stopped Strawberry Panic at episode 13 as I really could not force myself to finish an anime. The ending according to wikipedia is very sad and I did not want to watch it.

That marks the end of this blog entry. Even though the thoughts and phrasing are not good as it was done in a rush, I will try to perfect it after O levels.

In the meantime, good luck to all those taking O levels this year!!!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Higher Chinese Prelims is over!

Words can't express my joy now as I looked back at the hardwork done for this Prelims. To be honest, I actually studied more for prelims than myct and I was glad to know that what I had learnt had been used by me in paper 1 of the test.

I studied various compositions, trying frantically to memorise them even on the last day before prelims as I was scarring myself out with the importance of prelims. Fortunately, I managed to memorise enough crucial sentences and quotes which aided me in today's paper. The whole paper was a smooth and it was my first time feeling not so much stress in doing paper 1 in 4 years in RI.

Secondly, paper 2 was relatively more difficult as I didn't practise enough writing skills and some of the questions seemed foreign to me even though the answers were easy to get. I guess I have to start focusing more on paper 2 to improve my comprehension answering techniques while learning how to manage time usage during paper 2. I learnt from my mistakes in MYCT and was able to answered 1 of the first few questions correctly. Other than that rare occasion when answers overlapped with each other (ie. answers to the questions on the first page were leaked at the last passage) during this paper, I must say that the paper was fairly challenging especially on explaining the phrase given by the author and whether you agree to it or not.

All in all, I will strive to work harder to achieve at least an A2 for O levels so as to prove to myself I am able to make it.

Next, I will be talking about choosing subject combination for JC.
Sometimes, I feel that it is a chore to choose subjects to study in JC. Why can't we learn everything from literature to philosophy to biology? The subjects that I am going to take in JC will ultimately affect my career path and it is a dilemma to choose between subjects that I like or subjects that I excel in. Right now, I am stuck between choosing Biology or Physics for the typical H2 subjects combination (Math, Economics, Chemistry, Physics/Biology).

What I think=>
Pros* Allows me to take up a medical profession with a higher advantage. I get to have a shot to become a doctor.
Cons* Even though I take biology, I may not get in to the university course that I want since there is simply too much competition between JCs for the limited spots in local universities. According to Mr Chua, my biology teacher, even in VJC, there are around 300 students taking biology for A levels but NUS only accepts less than 400 students to the medical profession faculty. Even though, a huge bulk of them come from RJC, the interviewers ask for evidence of leadership roles in JC and community service as almost interviewees go in with straight As. What make the few selected stand out are their outstanding performance in leadership, aesthetics and servicing the community.

Pros* Physics teaches people to have a strong logical processing and in finance, these kind of people are sought after to handle large amount of liquidity/assets for the maximum returns. If I am to become a banker next time, physics will help in my thinking process and prevent loopholes in the financial system.
Cons* Physics isn't really my cup of tea even though I do well in it. I am afraid of competition from foreign physics student such as those scholars from China, Malaysia, Japan. Not that I am xenophobic but I am, deep in my heart, a little bit tending towards relaxing myself and I may not stand the pressure while working beside them. (However to cure this, I am going to study with my friends from China and strive to work at the same pace or faster pace than them.)

I will continue this the next time as it is getting late now. Bye!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gap Sem IS OVER!

The long anticipated and enjoyable gap semester had ended last week and I was feeling a little sad about it. In fact, I will be compiling a list of reflections on all of my courses throughout Gap Semester so as to leave fond memories behind to look back in the future.

Right now, I am in the midst of revising Chinese for the upcoming Higher Chinese prelims on Thursday. It may be a bit of rush to study now as I was overseas during Gap Sem but I am trying now to catch up by memorising sentences that Cai lao shi highlighted throughout the course of Gap Sem. 

Anyway, after prelims, I will carry on to finish my draft of reflections to be uploaded to this blog. Right now, I should say, all the best to everybody going for O levels this year (2012)!

~Ah Meng~

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Yeah 1st post after countless weeks of inactivity.
 Time flies ... ~~~
Less than 2 months year 4 Final Exams will end!!!
 A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠ 10♠

Chanced upon this quote and felt that it is very appropriate :)
Coincidentally, it was also similar to a question from the recent chinese essay writing competition in school.
 Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies -Aristotle
I read some articles in the chinese version of readers' digest recently and they were discussing on how people have lost contacts with their secondary school friends once they entered university or into society. Well, what matter most is the thought of your friends. I believe that having frequent contacts will maintain the friendship but I feel that if the friend truly understands you, we will have each other's friendship bond within our hearts.

Now, I hate how time slips through my hand while having fun. It seems that Einstein theory of relativity is correct. Time is relative :)

Recently, I was just wondering about a weird invention. Maybe one day if we can build a telescope that is capable of receiving light faraway without blurring, I will place a mirror at the side of the universe and maybe I can get to see my past or even how dinosaurs extinct!

Right now, there are so many things to do but I feel that today is a good day to publish this post or else there won't be any time soon until gap semester is over. And, maybe the next post will be after A level's. Now time seems a little bit short.... (Where's the theory of relativity? Hmm...)

Haizzzz, it has been 5 years since this blog is created. I wonder how many of my pri sch classmates are still using blog. It seems like an online diary yet is public.

Suprisingly, Year 4 does not feel as stressful as I thought. Maybe it is because I am getting lazier now. Phew, I need to get started on my revision in the June Holidays or else I will be at MacDonald's working as the cashier. Maybe in the future, there is no such job as cashier as everything is automated/done by artificial intelligence.

 Just a few more months to school holidays! FOOD will keep me going :)

Extra: Now when I am reading back my blog, I feel that my first 2 years in school are wasted. Horrendous grammar and spelling mistakes which I shan't edit due to the excessive amount of errors.

I must find a time to blog again after exams as it is such a fond memory of me to look upon in the future.


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Change of blog

I have changed my blog to tag mi as sson as possible.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

At Maris Stella High School

Yesterday was a not so good day because THAT LNS,Eric's current No.1 girlfriend(no offence unless Eric Yun Yao ZUO ZEI XIN XU) ,used her NIKI water bottle to spray my bag. Then, Wei Meng&I VS Krendra chan(KCDC)&LNS. Davis joined in the game and sprayed at LNS's skirt then he said LNS menstration wrong way. LNS heard that and she immediately used her bag to cover her skirt. In the buffet, I ate three ice-cream puffs, three glasses of red-coloured juice and five chicken wings. Actually, I wanted to cover it up but that REMUS Koh and his gang surrounded me and asked how many chicken wings I ate. After I told them, LNS & Krenda Chan heard that and they used it to laugh at me. Then, we sprayed at one another. When we were about to go into the hall, I told Wei Meng(Ah Meng) not to spray at them because I was scared that if we did not get into the buzzer round, LNS would tell Mr Quah about everything we did to them.To our relieve, we managed to get into the buzzer round with LNS. So, we told each other not to let LNS get the limelight. Nanyang Primary School. Tao Nan Primary School,Maha Bodhi Primary School and Chongfu Primary School went into the buzzer round. In the first question, ah meng pressed the buzzer but got the question wrong, so we were the fourth with 8 points. But, we managed to scored 6 points to be in the third position after Nanyang Primary School and Tao Nan Primary School. Wei Meng scored 2 points and I scored 4 points while LNS did not score any points.I think next tuesday, Mrs Chew will scold us because last year, our school team managed to beat Tao Nan Primary School to be the first runner-up in the buzzer round. The teacher-in-charge asked Chuan Hao why he did not get into the buzzer round because Chuan Hao talk so much that she expected Chuan Hao to bring a trophy home. On the way home, Ah Meng and I talked in such a way that we were laughing at LNS because Mr Quah said that LNS is the best of the best in our school but this competition proves him wrong. That's all I have to say.Bye!

PS:I wonder who will say the speach when we go up the stage to present a trophy to the school as well as talk about our achievements? I think he is Wei Meng(Ah Meng).

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I lost in HCI Maths Olympiad competition

On May 24th, Saturday, I went to my school in high spirits. Then, I saw my archrival LNS (Yun Nan Hair Care). I noticed that Wei Meng and Ah Gui had left their bags on the chairs in the school. Then, they came with two straws in a drink with mix drinks. Later, a taxi came into our school and I quickly got into the taxi as the last boy to get into the taxi would sit beside LNS and we would sabotage him when the taxi was turning right. It turned out that Ah Gui had to sit beside LNS and we sabo him by pretending to knock into him. LNS and Ah Gui were furious with Wei Meng and I. They pinched Wei Meng and Wei Meng became my "scapegoat". Mrs. Leong scolded Wei Meng because he shouted in pain when the tomboy(LNS) pinched his leg. When we reached Hwa Chong Institution, Ah Gui and LNS went into Group 4, I went to Group 3 and Wei meng went to Group 8. There, I met a boy from Compassvale Primary School who won the second prize for Nan Chiau High School Science Individual. I will continue my story the next time.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Congratulations Ah Meng

An orangutan is born in Singapore ZOO THIS VERY YEAR!!! It will be named as Ah Tseng which means a star in chinese. I wish the new born baby orangutan all the best!!!::)

Three people into HCI Second Round

LNS, AH Gui & I have gone into the second round of the HCI Second Round. I felt very nervous able it because I have two competitors from my school in the second round, together with more than 300 pupils from schools islandwide. I wish I can get a platinum which I have only 59.98% of getting it and 39% of getting gold and 1.02% of getting silver or bronze.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

HCI Maths Olympaid Competition

Last Monday,my friend, Ng Wei Meng, told me on the phone that I had won a GOLD award in the HCI Maths Olympaid. I felt that he was talking crap and gave me a late April's Fool joke. But, he told me whether I was pretending to be crazy or what. Then, he told me to go to the HCI website to check. I carry a nervous heart to see the results and to my greatest surprise, I had gotten a GOLD award. I actually felt a little bit sad that I did not get a Platinum award. Anyway, I felt happy that I can go into the second round of the competition but I have to compete with the LNS who had won a Certificate of Higher Distinction. :) 8)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Ah meng is dead

last Saturday, our lovely AH MENG was Dead!!!:-(Yesterday , another orang utan is dead because she was hu7ng from the string slide.I wish another orang utan named little Ah Meng is born as I love Ah Meng very much!!!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Ah meng

HI!!! I am Ah Meng. A star of Singapore Zoo. Welcome to the orangutan world!!! Ha!!! ha!!! ha!!! ha!!! Hey, there's Hong Bao, an orangutan!!! See you another day in the Singapore Zoological Garden.